iPhone Lightning charger

Apple has a name for using its own restrictive ports and hardware – but sources inside the technology market now claim that the dongle-addicted company will abandon the iPhone’s exclusive Lightning charger in favor of USB-C.

Speaking to Chinese technology newspaper DigiTimes, anonymous sources reasoned that “Apple’s adoption of Type-C in its iPhones will accelerate other smartphone companies’ adoption.” However, with Apple allegedly “still in its redesign phase,” we won’t see a USS-C-powered iPhone until 2019, if at all. USB-C has quietly edged out Micro USB as the industry norm for laptops and phones over the past few years. True to its representation as a technology leader, Apple pioneered its use, eliminating everything but a single USB-C port from its 2016 MacBook series, and squeezing its fast Thunderbolt 3 technology into USB-C-shaped connectors.

The iPhone is an unconventional beast, however, and it’s not clear whether Apple – which takes a $4 share from every authorized connector made – is prepared to drop its proprietary interface. Remember that while the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support USB-C turbochargers, you need to buy a Lightning to-USB-C converter and a compatible fast-charging plug to gain the advantage, because Apple Conveniently left those items out of the box.

If the reports are right, the switch also risks provoking iPhone owners who shelled out for accessories such as Lightning headphones when Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack.


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