Hidden Location Features on Google Assistant

Google has been gradually reducing the location-based features of its virtual assistant, Google Assistant, and integrating its tasks service with other Google apps. This change by the tech giant has been criticized, but in this article, we will discuss the features the assistant still has in its grasp.

Despite losing some location-based features, Google Assistant still has several powerful tools that allow users to interact with their surroundings. These features may not be widely known, but they can be handy. Therefore, it is crucial for users to be aware of these features and remember to utilize them.

The self-location dictation

To see your current location on a map using Google Assistant, you can simply say “Hey Google: Where am I?” to your Android device. The assistant will then display a map with your exact location, which you can view fully by tapping on it. You can also have some fun with the feature by slapping the screen or making a dramatic pronouncement.

Google Assistant location features

The instant-sharing system

To share your location with someone using Google Assistant, you can simply say, “Hey, Google: Share my location” to your Android device. The assistant will then suggest a few contacts you may want to invite to your current location. Suppose the suggested contacts are not the ones you want to share with. In that case, you can either say the name of the person you want to share with (assuming they are in your contacts) or manually select a contact from the list on your screen. Once you have chosen a recipient, the assistant will send them a link to your location, which they can view with a single tap.

The place-remembering thing

This final location feature can be beneficial for those who have trouble remembering important locations. For example, to store a specific location in your Android device’s memory, simply say, “Hey Google: Remember where I parked” to your phone. This command will cause the assistant to store your current location, which you can later retrieve by saying, “Hey, Google: Where’s my car?” or requesting step-by-step navigation. This can be particularly useful for remembering where you parked your car in a crowded parking lot or in an unfamiliar location.

The “Hey Google: Remember where I parked” command can be used for more than just remembering where you parked your car. You can store any location you want to remember and later retrieve it using the “Hey Google: Where’s my car?” command or by requesting step-by-step navigation to that location. This can help you remember the location of any important place, not just a parking spot. To retrieve the stored location and view an interactive map of it, say, “Hey, Google: Where’s my car?” For step-by-step navigation to the site, say, “Hey, Google: Navigate to my car.”

Google assistant car parked feature

Suppose you want to store multiple locations or give a location a custom name. In that case, you can use the command “Hey Google: Remember this location.” This will prompt the assistant to ask you to give your current location a custom name you can easily remember. You can then use this name to navigate back to the location in the future by saying, “Hey, Google: Navigate to [custom location name].” Alternatively, you can create a reminder in Google Keep to achieve the same result. However, it is not as simple as using the spoken Assistant command. It is worth noting that Google may change its methods for handling location-based reminders in the future.


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