iPasOS 14 weather and calc app
Image source: Apple.com

Apple has declared an update for iPadOS – its operating system for iPads – but frustrated several users by not including weather and calculator apps to the update.

It revealed iPadOS 14 in June, stating that a new “compact design” means you can search the device without leaving the app you’re working on.

Despite calculator and weather apps being some of the most favourite tools on iPhones (which run iOS), Apple has yet to bring them to the iPad. Disappointed users say that the bigger iPad screen particularly suits the calculator tool because it would be more comfortable to press buttons that appear when you rotate your iPhone into landscape mode.

Answering criticism, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, said it’s “obviously easy” to build a calculator app. Still, Apple will do so only when it can create one that’s “distinctive and great.” He also stated that while it would be straightforward to make a bigger version of the iPhone’s Weather app, Apple would instead build a new app for the iPad that takes advantage of the device’s larger screen.


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