Xbox Series S officially confirmed, price and design revealed by Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox Series S's design and price in a tweet; it's advertised as the smallest console in the series, and it'll be available at $299.

Xbox Series S offocial price

It has long been rumoured that Microsoft will introduce two Xbox consoles this year, trying to command both ends of the market. We can now confirm the reports as first official look and pricing of more affordable Xbox series S unveiled by Microsoft. The pricing plan for both machines should be very familiar, resembling that of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S of the last generation.

Microsoft took to the official Xbox Twitter handle to validate its rumors. It’s tiniest ever Xbox console. The tweet also provides us the initial price point of the next-generation Xbox consoles. Xbox Series S will come in a much more compressed footprint than the bulkier Series X and retail for just $299/€299/£249. It comes with a more conventional boxy design that seems to be inspired by the Xbox One S. There’s also a contrasting black colored air vent.

It appears to be precisely identical as the render we saw leaked by Brad Sams on YouTube – plus, the pricing matches this leak. You can view the video below, which provides us a somewhat different angle of the Xbox Series S console. While Microsoft has not officially confirmed this render, it looks pretty spot on judging by the image it has tweeted.

While the top-end Xbox Series X will entice hardcore console fans looking for high-end graphics performance from next-gen titles, the Series S should serve users on a tight budget to get in on the action without disrupting the bank.

Microsoft promised to reveal more details about the series S soon, but it will undoubtedly be all-digital. It means it lacks a disc drive, but between Microsoft’s evolving game store, the compelling Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and the Project xCloud game streaming service, gamers will have access to a lot of titles without the requirement for physical copies, provided they have a fast and constantly reliable Internet connection.

The series S will support up to 1440p gameplay at 120fps and a custom NVME 512GB SSD based on the Xbox Velocity architecture. It will also support 4K upscaling for games as well as 4K media playback. The ad shows the console will arrive with DirectX Raytracing.

There no official word from Microsoft regarding the announcement date, but both Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are expected to be announced on November 10.


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