flash player EOL date

Adobe urges users to stop using flash as EOL date approaches

Adobe will soon advise you to uninstall Flash Player before December 31, when it will drop the plug-in support. In a new support page, Adobe said it would withdraw...
iPasOS 14 weather and calc app

Users disappointed as iPad update omits weather and calc apps

Apple has declared an update for iPadOS - its operating system for iPads - but frustrated several users by not including weather and calculator apps to the update.
whatsapp QR code scanning

WhatsApp is bringing the option to add contacts by QR code

WhatsApp is now used and enjoyed by more than 2 billion people around the globe. In a recent blog post, WhatsApp has announced new features that will be available...
Google Photos messaging app backup

Google Photos stops backup of videos and photos from messaging apps

Google has stopped automatically backing up of images and videos from social media apps to its Photos app. It means that images and videos you receive through apps like...
tiktok and wechat ban by US

The US will remove TikTok and WeChat from app stores starting this Sunday

Today, the US department of commerce announced a new initiative to ban TikTok and WeChat in app stores, a move that comes after weeks of scepticism over whether the...
iPhone SE 2020 Teardown

iPhone SE 2020 Teardown: old school outside but modern inside

Second Edition? Small Edition? We’re not sure what “SE” stands for, but it wouldn’t be an iPhone teardown without a little enigma. And this 2020 iPhone SE is $700...
macOS 11 Big Sur

macOS 11 Big Sur: Release date and new features

macOS 11 Big Sur has been unveiled officially, and it’s almost on its way to the public. Recently announced at WWDC 2020, the next macOS will deliver some pretty...
BlackBerry android phone 2021

Blackberry is not dead yet, bringing a new Android phone with 5G and physical...

Just when we considered Blackberry phones dead, a brand-new startup declares that a new one is on the way. And in case you're questioning, yes, it will have BlackBerry's...
Moto G9 Plus

Moto G9 Plus launched in Brazil, comes with Snapdragon 730G, a massive 6.8″ display,...

After a couple of major leaks, Motorola finally made the Moto G9 Plus official. It is currently available for buying in Brazil only, and availability in other regions is...
tiktok and trump matter

China administrators disagree with selling TikTok to a US firm, would prefer to shut...

We're approaching towards the deadline of September 15, when the Trump Administration's rule will probably ban the popular short-video making app TikTok in the US due to unproven security...